You've got questions, and we have answers!

How do I register?

Registration is done completely online. Click here for the registration site. A church's group leader must register online and open up a church's registration before a student or adult can register. Once the youth pastor has given the green light for his/her church to register, then students and adults can create their own registration account and register from the convenience of their own home or office. At the end of the registration process, you'll receive a confirmation page. Please work with your church's group leader to determine how to make payment. (Please note: If your church is conducting its own fund raisers to help subsidize the camp fees, please pay the amount requested by your group leader).

Who determines my roommates for JoyWorks?

During the registration process, you will have the opportunity to list one roommate preference. These roommates can be from your church or from another church. During the end of the registration process, your group leader will be the one to actually make pairings/assignments for your church. Once your group leader has made the pairings, they will be submitted to JoyWorks. The JoyWorks registrars have the authority to change any roommate pairings necessary in order to accommodate the maximum number of students possible. JoyWorks makes every effort to work with your church's group leader before making roommate pairing changes

How do I cancel?

In general, you or your group leader can cancel a registration without penalty until a pre-determined date. This date is indicated within the registration guidelines. After this date, a cancellation fee will be assessed. This fee helps us pay for any materials that have already been purchased by JoyWorks for you. Eventually, there is a deadline date where we cannot accommodate any refunds to registration charges. Again, please see the registration page for these specific guidelines and dates.

Where do I go when arriving on campus at OBU?

At the beginning of each camp, every church must go through the registration process. Registration is held in the Sturgis Physical Education Center in Vining Arena. Once you have checked in with our registrars, they will give you the rest of the information you need to carry on with the registration process.

What can I expect during registration?

During registration, you and your students will be given their name tag, t-shirt, and dorm key along with other materials you and your students will need for the week. The process for getting your students all the things they need is fairly simple once you arrive on campus--don't worry! We will make sure you get everything you need.

Where will I stay during camp?

We hope you brought your tent. We have some nice camping spaces reserved just for you--just kidding. Every camp participant will be housed in one of OBU's dorm rooms. Males and females stay in separate dorms, but all students of the same gender from your church will stay in the same dorm.

Can I change my roommate or dorm?

Changes to these items are handled on an individual basis, but are typically not granted. If you would like to request changing any of these, you must contact your group leader, who will then contact JoyWorks. Again, once this information has been made public to all campers, these requests are generally not granted, because they impact other students who have already been assigned, as well.

If you did not receive the roommate you requested, please contact your group leader.

Do I need to bring money to JoyWorks?

Housing, food, and your t-shirt are covered in the registration charges paid to JoyWorks. However, if you wish to purchase items, such as snacks, drinks, or items in the OBU bookstore, additional money will be required. We strongly encourage small bills and rolls of quarters.